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Bring it, 2019

Christmas and New Year are a good time for reflection, and for planning the year ahead. You may have noticed – I’ve done enough of it on the site over the last few weeks. I know that some people are reluctant to put resolutions in place, but I’ve found them really useful in the past as a way of focusing my efforts in a year.

So, in now particular order, my two priorities for 2019.

Objective 1 – the blog

Looking back over my posts of 2019, I’m really happy with the way that the blog has gone. I think I’ve put together some really good articles, and I hope I’ve helped a lot of writers out there. I mentioned in my wrap up post a couple of weeks ago, I do think that 12 months concentrating on the blog has helped me put in a lot of routines and good habits that I’ll continue into 2019. The blog continues to be a place to meet people (all the author interviews were a great way of building connections) and for people to contact me.

Although I need to mention my resources for writers pages a little more.

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However, I’m also aware that my creative writing has suffered as a result. Although I’ve put together a second draft of a novel, and am making headway in my next secret script, overall I think the blog has taken my focus away from my writing. As well as this, I have commitments away from writing (I have an allotment, a pretty fast paced job, and my family). I just don’t think the blog, in its current form, is going to be sustainable in 2019.

So I think I need to find a compromise.

I’m going to try, in the first half of 2019, to reduce my main post frequency to once a month. However, to make up for this, I’m going to spend a little more time on them, and make them more substantial. I want to be able to cover more meaty topics, and discuss them in a little more depth. The internet has enough how to lists, in my opinion, and I need to think about what makes Write with Phil different. Why would people visit my blog when they have dozens already bookmarked?

Longer, more in depth posts would also help me with that horrible beast – structure. Looking back over the last year, some of my posts have been a little difficult to follow, and bounced around a bit. I often get feedback on my writing that says similar – good story, good dialogue, but difficult to follow. Posting longer pieces may go against what the internet wants (who decides what the internet wants?) but I’m not fussed. I hope that my readers will enjoy it anyway.

I’ll also get that flippin’ WWP book out at some point as well.

Objective 2 – creative writing

My priority for this year is to get False Sanctuary finished. If it kills me, I will get another book on my Amazon author page.

I also want to get the script I’m working on drafted and out to BBC Writersroom in their next drama window. I love the story I’m putting together for this (although I would say that!) and I want to get it out there as much as possible. It definitely doesn’t deserve to sit around doing nothing, so I’m going to make it work for me.

The Unjudged: The Battle for Cromer cover
Available from Amazon now – sequel in the works this year (hopefully)

And finally, to help scratch the ‘something new’ itch, I’m going to write a short story a month for whatever competitions happen to be on. I have a massive OneNote page full of ideas that are sticking in my head and not getting out there. Why should they hang around when I can get them one (digital) paper and into (real) hands. It doesn’t matter if they do well, it doesn’t matter if I win anything. But I want to start getting my writing out there. I should be able to find the time to write one short story a month, right? I’ll share my monthly update with you on the blog.

…and that’s it. I’m not going to write any more objectives for my personal writing. Last year I was restrained, and gave myself realistic targets. I’ve got a busy year coming up, and I’d rather do those two things really well than do another four or five half-baked.

Bring it, 2019

The next year is going to be an interesting one. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a 12 months more in my life. I hope my readers will stick with me through it. Time for a change.

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