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3 tips to help you choose a writing course

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There are a number of different writing courses of different costs and sizes. You only have to look at the likes of Faber, Raindance or the Guardian. One writing course can promise to help with character, another structure, another formatting. The list goes on. But with this shear volume of courses available, which one should you pick?  Your time is precious so picking the right course can make sure you really get something that adds to the quality of your writing.

What do you want to get from the writing course?

Before you sign up though, really think about what you hope to gain from it before you go. What do you think that you need to improve? If you’ve recently had some feedback from a competition then use that to highlight something that you need to work on.

Start crossing courses off quickly!

Now look at the list of courses you had in front of you. Some of them should address the areas for improvement. So prioritise them.  It will make choosing your next course much easier. If one doesn’t look right, get rid of it! If a course is too far away from you, or takes place at a time that will be a stretch to get to from work, get rid of it! You’re going to have to be ruthless!

What do you need to improve?

Another way to understand where you need help is to ask someone you trust to look over your most recent work and give you one or two things they think you should improve on. There will be more than that, I’m sure, but challenge them to come up with just a couple. Now look at each writing course in detail and see what they are about. This will let you see where you could do with a top up.


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