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About Phil

Phil Hurst is a British author from Birmingham, now based in Colchester. He had lived in a number of locations around the UK, including Belfast, Torquay and the Isle of Wight. He has a masters in Creative Writing from Queens University Belfast (2011).

His plays have been performed at Camden Fringe Festival (London) and by the Orpen Players (Colchester). He was shortlisted in the final eight for the BBC Northern Ireland Primetime competition.


Masters (with Distinction) from Queens University Belfast in Creative Writing in 2011.


I’ve been enjoying writing for 15 years. I’ve written everything and met all sorts of writers. The below is a list of the highlights of my writing career to date. All theatre unless stated.

Sleeping Beauty (2018) – Orpen Players, Colchester, writer

Cinderella (2014) – Orpen Players, Colchester, co-writer

SCREEN: Contradiction (2013) – Aura Films, London Sci-Fi Festival 48 hour film competition (long list), Colchester, co-writer

Head of State (2012) – Biscuit Tin Readings, Accidental Theatre, Belfast

Coffee Shop (2012) – Writer’s Workshop, Tinderbox Theatre, Belfast

RADIO: Veil (2012) – Queens University creative writing MA, Belfast, co-writer

Fools and their Followers (2011) – Fast and Loose showcase, Accidental Theatre, Belfast

SCREEN: Broken (2011) – Primetime competition (final shortlist), BBC Northern Ireland, Belfast

Even Greedy Bankers Deserve Freedom (2010) – Camden Fringe Festival, Semper Theatre, London

Semper Station (2009-2010) – Semper Theatre, Birmingham

The Experiment (2009) – Accidental Festival, Semper Theatre, London

New Lives (2006) – Leicester University Theatre, Leicester

The Birds (2006) – Leicester University Theatre, Leicester– Co-Writer