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Poetry – Bats

swarm of bats hanging on tree branches

Bats are awesome
They hide away in dark corners
You never see them unless they want you to

Bats are awesome
They can hang upside down
In quiet spaces waiting for their chance

Bats are awesome
People are scared of them
But they can be avoided if you’re strong enough

Bats are awesome
Close inspection strikes fear in hearts
And people know not to mess around

Bats are awesome
They sweep through the air
You never hear them coming

Bats are awesome
They can really do damage
If they catch you unaware

Bats are awesome
They can break bones in a moment
If you’re not quick enough

Bats are awesome
They come in all shapes and sizes
But the old ones are the best

Bats are awesome
That’s why I keep one in my bedroom
In case some motherfucker breaks in

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