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Book launch of The Unjudged: The Battle for Cromer

Over the last 12 months or so I’ve been working away on my first novel, The Unnjudged: The Battle for Cromer. Well, today after what seems like a long wait, it was finally launched! As this is only a small part of what I do on Write with Phil I won’t be dedicating a huge amount of time to it, but I wanted to let everyone know it’s out there, and can be picked up directly from Amazon below.

This is the first in a planned series of novels featuring the titular Unjudged. They battle against a regime that captures people’s souls. The synopsis is available here: my writing. I’ve also copied the blurb below. If you’re a book reviewer and would like to arrange a copy, let me know on my contact page and I can get one posted out to you.

The Unjudged: The Battle for Cromer

The Unjudged: The Battle for Cromer coverPaige Grimwood is fleeing justice. At home, however, she will only find more trouble.

The Tumi government controls of most England. Crime and lawlessness is a thing of the past due to the reckoners, a police force armed with weapons that can capture souls. Cromer is one of the few places yet to join the new order, protected by The Unjudged, a resistance group determined to prevent the town’s assimilation.

To escape the reckoners, Paige must confront The Unjudged. Criminals, rejects and outcasts, they are determined to force the reckoners back. And they are eager to recruit Paige to their cause.
When she realises her family is heavily invested in the upcoming conflict, Paige is forced to take a side. She must choose whether to support The Unjudged’s violent rebellion, or the government that promises stability and calm – but would control her soul forever.

And out in the North Sea, a victim of the Tumi government floats towards Cromer beach, dead but somehow alive and conscious, slowly becoming a weapon that will change the world.

A fast paced science-fiction adventure story from debut novelist Phil Hurst, The Unjudged: The Battle for Cromer is the first in a series chronicling a world where the government has the power to judge you not just during your time on Earth, but after it.

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