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What is Write Happy?

 I’ve created Write Happy because I struggled a lot during the COVID-19 lockdown with wellbeing around my personal writing. I’d go to bed worried that I wasn’t getting enough writing done, I’d be irritable with my family and I’d be negative about everything writing related.

At the same time, my day job told all of us to work from home. I thought it was going to be a nightmare, yet with so many people in the same position a staggering amount of thought went into effective homeworking and employee wellbeing.

After a few months of dealing with both I’ve realised that it’s not just stranded office-types who need help with their wellbeing. Everyone who works or creates from home needs a confidant to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, or swift kick up the behind to help them feel better. Writers are no different.

Welcome to Write Happy.

What Write Happy means

By subscribing, at least once a month you’ll receive three articles — one for each of the Write Happy objectives — all curated into a lovely email. No spam, no guff, no hard sell, just a good old fashioned publication with some helpful information. I’m going to be honest and open with you about my struggles and my successes, but this isn’t about me, it’s about creating a supportive community that promotes and protects each other.

No spam, no guff, no hard sell, just a good old fashioned publication with some helpful information.

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Relax - this is a safe place to talk about mental wellbeing.

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Why do we write? And how can we improve our craft?


I want you to feel just a little bit better after each edition

Next steps

I’m putting together a road map for Write Happy so you can see my plans for the publication and how you can get involved.

I don’t know when it’ll appear, but if you think anyone you know would appreciate this type of thing, please do forward this on and encourage them to subscribe here.

If you have any thoughts advise or words of wisdom, contact me here and lets start talking. I’m also on Twitter, Instagram and Medium. Click the buttons to connect!