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Graham Wynd: Every new word counts as progress

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Hello and welcome to another author interview! This time Graham Wynd has agreed to answer my questions. Thanks to Graham, and remember if you want to get involved, send me a message.

What’s your track record – what have you written?

I’ve written loads of short stories, two novellas that came out together (Extricated & Throw the Bones), and a novella that just came out from Fahrenheit 13, Satan’s Sorority, and another that’s out later from Fox Spirit Books called Love is a Grift that will also include stories that have appeared here and there.  

Why do you write?

It’s fun! There’s a Dylan line about needing a dump truck to unload his head. Writing is my dump truck.

What makes a successful days writing?

Some days a sentence, some days a lot more. I sat down and wrote a 6K short in a day. I wrote one novella in a weekend. But it doesn’t always go well, so it helps to remind yourself that every new word counts as progress sometimes.

When do you feel most productive?

When I’ve carved out extra time and actually use it. I find deadlines helpful. Like in old films where the editor is screaming about needing copy before the paper goes to press. I’m an inveterate idler so having someone asking for something from me always provokes me to get it done.

Do you have a writing routine? What is it?

Taken from http://www.fahrenheit-press.com/books_satans_sorority.htmlWhen I have a moment, I write. I generally write everyday but when other commitments plague me, I let myself off the hook, though admittedly at times I am champing at the bit to find out what happens next. I don’t always know.

What stops you from writing?

Fatigue mostly. Like most writers I work another job and when it’s got the pressure on I sometimes just don’t have any energy left at the end of the day.

Say you’ve hit a slump. What do you do to get going again?

Step away from the page/screen. Go out, fill your head with whatever gets it going again. Art, films, other books, a wild weekend — whatever it takes. Generally I’m working on several different projects, so if one gets stuck, I just hop to another.

What advice would you give someone who can’t get their writing going?

Ask yourself if you really want to write. If you say yes, ask what for? If you’re trying to chase fame or please somebody else it will always be a slog. Write the story you want to hear and then at least one person will be pleased.

What’s the best piece of writing advice you’ve ever had?

Gotta be Elmore Leonard’s, ‘If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.’

Where can people find out more about you?

Graham Wynd author pictureCheck out my website GrahamWynd.com and see links to my many stories, my current pulpy novella SATAN’S SORORITY over at Fahrenheit 13. I often review classic crime and music, too. You may note that a lot of my titles are swiped from songs, especially by The Fall (RIP Mark E Smith). Music has been an obsession of mine just about forever.

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