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Guest post: Tips on Overcoming Writer’s Block

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This week’s post is a guest post from the good people over at Freewrite, all about overcoming writer’s block. I’ve not sampled the Freewrite typewriter, but the infographic is pretty cool. Also a note – I’m not receiving any compensation for putting this post up. If you want to write a post for the website, send me an email.

Overcoming writer’s block

Journalists, bloggers, news article writers,playwrights—you name it. Everyone who writes has experienced writer’s block at least once in their entire writing career. It’s a sad place to be stuck in, but it’s definitely something that you can get yourself out of.

Writer’s block can come differently to different people, with various possible causes. In order to overcome writer’s block,you’ll first need to realize what exactly is keeping you from continuing with whatever you’re working on.

Is it because your work space is too suffocating? Do you have way too many ideas than you know what to do with? Or are you simply not the least bit interested in the topic you’re writing about?

Once you’ve figured out what’s keeping you from doing your job, figure out a way to address it. If it’s too much noise, then find a spot that’s quieter, or buy a distraction-free typewriter so you’re forced to focus on your work. If your brain is exploding with great ideas, sort them out on a clean sheet of paper (or on your laptop, if you can’t find a pen lying around). If you want to be able to write at length and in depth, write about a topic that actually interests you.

There are numerous other ways to try to shake off writer’s block. Going for a walk, hanging out with friends to unwind, and even sleeping can clear your mind and help you get back on track.

Need more tips? This free infographic has more. Read through the content, pick the solutions that work best for you, and say goodbye, finally, to that menace called writer’s block.

Breaking Down Writer’s Block

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