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Prep for NaNoWriMo

If you are, like me, getting some prep for Nanowrimo in, I thought I’d give some quick tips to help you out and get ready for NaNoWriMo month, which is nearly upon us!

(Disclaimer – I’ve not done NaNoWriMo before but I’ve taken part in a few 24 hour play events and had the experience of creative writing to deadlines)

  • Love the subject. What’s the one idea that you keep thinking about but haven’t got round to writing? I’ve got notebooks and pages or first drafts on the idea I’m writing. I hope that means it will fly onto the page when it comes to write it.
  • Find time. Don’t look each day for when you can write. Each week you should have an idea of your commitments. Look when you’re going to be able to write. Block that time out and tell everyone you know that that’s when you’re writing.
  • Decide on your plan. Are you going to make it up as you go along? Or have you a structure that you want to follow?  OR maybe you’re going to try something new? This will be the first time that I’m putting together a structure for something like this. I was suitably inspired by the tools that Sarah Armstrong presented at the last Colchester Write Night.
  • Find beta readers. I’m going to get my fiancee (she doesn’t know yet) to read the chapters as they are finished. If I can get her interested in the plot and asking me when the next chapter will be finished, I’m hoping that will spur me on to write more.

What do you think of the tips? There’s more information on the NaNoWriMo site, so go have a look.

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