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May update: 2018 on Write with Phil

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At the beginning of the year I created a quick post about my goals for the new year, and what I was going to do to hit them. I’ve been a little wayward with tracking these goals over the last few months, so I thought I’d put together a quick update on how my writing and blogging has gone on Write with Phil.

I think that checking your progress and seeing where you need to improve is an important part of keeping to targets. Sharing them with the readers of this blog is just as important – it keeps me honest to you and to myself.

2018 so far

2018: Write with Phil

TARGET: Continue posting schedule, at least once a week.

Well I’ve definitely hit this target to date! I’ve put up a post on a Sunday every single week this year. In fact, so strong was a request on twitter for author interviews I decided to add an additional posting every other Thursday for them. I’m keen to keep this going after May (when I’m booked until) but will slow it down if needed. If you are a writer and would like to feature on my blog, let me know on my contact page.


TARGET: 10 guest posts on Write with Phil in 2018.

I’ve had a couple of PR/SEO companies email me with content for the blog, but I’m yet to have any writers offer to put something together for me, aside from the writer interviews. However, if you count them I’m way ahead of target. If you don’t count those, I’m stuck on a measly one for the year! Come on writers, get in touch!

VERDICT SO FAR: It depends how you define guest post…

TARGET: Write 10 guest posts for other blogs.

This one is going to plan. After 4 months on Write with Phil in 2018, I’ve written 3 guest posts. One for Bang2Write, one for Joanna Penn, and one for Scrivener Virgin. All are established, trusted websites and all are driving a decent amount of traffic through to the site. If you own/run a website and would like me to do a guest post, do let me know.

VERDICT SO FAR: Going well!

2018: My writing

The Unjudged

I finally published The Unjudged. Although publishing it wasn’t a target for 2018, getting it out there and in the hands of readers was great to see. If you want to pick up a copy, have a look at the Amazon listing using the link below.

Portfolio building

Oh dear. I’d completely forgotten about this. Although I’ve been working on some small projects, tidying up my body of work has completely fallen off the radar. I looks like I need to get on this sharpish!

VERDICT: Not even started!

The head of the beast

I wanted to get this story finished – and it is. I’m currently working through the first draft, and will be asking for Beta readers in the next few months. So this one, at least is still on track.

VERDICT: Not fast, but on track.

In summary

Overall, I’m happy with the way that my writing is progressing over the first third of 2018. Although my portfolio building hasn’t really happened, I’ve been working with dedication on Head of the Beast, and published my novel The Unjudged through KDP. If I can churn out a book a year, that’s a great return for someone working full time as well, so I’ve got to be happy with that!

For Write with Phil, it’s great to see people finding the site through Medium and organic search results. The guest posts I’ve written for other blogs have paid off, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the site goes over the next few months.


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