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My guest post for The Creative Penn

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At the beginning of March, I was featured on Joanna Penn’s website, the Creative Penn.  Joanna is something of an institution with new writers online, so it was an honour to be featured!

Why Patience Is A Virtue: Learning To Take Your Time As A New Writer


If you haven’t heard of Joanna’s work before, I really suggest you check out her site. There’s loads of information on there for writers. These include posts on marketing and entrepreneurial skills that are a little different to the time management advice that you’ll get on this page.

Joanna is also a prolific author in her own right, writing both advice books for writers (some of which are on the carousel below) and a dazzling array of fiction.

As well as blog for Joanna, I’ve also appeared on the Bang2Write website – check out the link to my post here.

If you’d like me to write a guest post for your blog, do let me know through the contact form.

Thanks to Joanna for giving me the chance to blog on her site – all images and logos are her property and copyright.

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