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My guest post on Bang2Write

In case you haven’t noticed, I asked Lucy Hayes who runs Bang2Write if I could write her a guest post. She kindly agreed, and you can read it using the link below.

10 Lies Writers Tell Themselves About New Projects (And How To Embrace Them)


Thanks very much to Lucy for hosting my post, and do check out Bang2Write if you want more information (and some down to earth advice!). Bany2Write is one of my go-to websites for information and advice on the craft of writing, although Lucy does also include a lot of information about productivity and the writing process as well. I’ve included Bang2Write in my list of my favourite blogs for writers. 

Lucy also writes novels and help books for writers, which you can see below. As ever, be aware of my affiliate policy when using the links below. I haven’t got around to reading Lucy’s books yet, as I’m trying to concentrate on prose and novels at the moment, although the diverse characters book is on my to-read list. I have no doubt that they are all excellent – the reviews speak for themselves.

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