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Overcome writers block: The picture game

Overcome writers block

A lot of writers are going to be deep into their novels at the moment (especially if you’re reading this during NanoWriMo month), ploughing through that word count and pushing everything aside to keep the momentum up. Others won’t be so lucky. They’ll have stalled or completely run out of ideas about where to take the story next. They’re fighting a different battle – the one to overcome writers block.

If you’re in the later camp, it’s important to remember that it is totally normal! Everyone has moments in any project where they aren’t sure what do or where to go with the story. Below is a tip that will help you reach the next stage in your story. Let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas on how to overcome writers block, and I’ll feature them in future posts.

The picture game

The picture game is an easy way to get your creative brain firing again. It also works really well as a warm up exercise if you’re thinking about sitting down to write, but don’t know where to start. The idea is to make you think about the problem from a different perspective, allowing you to approach the problem from a different angle.

I’ve used it a few times, and each time it’s allowed me to come up with either a new character, or a new way of looking at the story. Once you’ve done that, it can really help you push on with the main thrust of the story.

Work through the steps below, and you’ll be writing in no time!

1. Answer one of these questions.
  • What’s your theme?
  • Where is your story set?
  • What is your main character’s fear?
2. Visit google
  • Search for pictures based on your answer to step one, followed by “person”. (For example, if your story is set in a small village in France, google “small village France person”).
  • Pick one of the images. Imagine that person (no matter how silly it looks) are in the world of your story.
3. answer these questions
  • If this person was in your story, how would they fit in?
  • How has this person effected your main character’s life?
  • How have they affected other characters?

If you’re really struggling for inspiration on how to overcome writers block, I recommend a few books that might also give you a kick start on my resources page.





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