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Poetry – Finding the Unicorn Hatchery

hanging unicorn pinata

This is the start of an EPIC children’s poem, three blog posts long. I don’t know when I’ll get to the next one, but I hope in the meantime you enjoy the first chapter.

Come one come all to a special place
Something everyone should see
The door is big and red and blue
A wonderful unicorn hatchery

To find it you must head to town
And look under a hawthorn tree
And convince the fairies who live there
To give you the rainbow key

They will take gold and jewels of course
As long as it sparkles and glows
But the easiest way to get the key
Is to tell them the best joke you know

If they giggle and they snigger
You’ve probably done what you need
So ask for the key to the hatchery
They’ll give it to you at speed

You’ll have to find the door next
The gnomes will share the way
They live in the forest, under sticks and stones
So get looking without delay

When you find them they won’t say anything
Until you start to wiggle and shake
It’s dancing that will loosen their tongue
So boogey and woogey as much as your legs will take

Then you’ll have the key you need
And the way to the big red door
You won’t want to pause delay or wait
You’ll love what you find for sure

Inside the hatchery are curious eggs
They’re red and yellow and pink
And orange and green and blue
(There’s also a peculiar stink)

Little green goblins run back and forth
Cuddling and polishing and cleaning
They look after the unicorn eggs
They’re tough but really well meaning

So pull up a chair and sit for a while
Ask the goblins to make you a drink
Unicorns can hatch as quick as a flash
Don’t doze, or nap, or blink.

It’s warm on the hatchery floor
The goblins just brought snacks
The chair is cozy and soft
It’s easy to rest and relax

Wait –
What was that?

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