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Poetry – Political Ambition

i voted sticker lot
i voted sticker lot
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I feel like being a politician
The argument’s well balanced and even
I could help people every day
No matter if you’re Svetlana or Sonya or Steven

It would not matter if they voted for me
I would work for them all the same
For I know the people of this good country
Just want happy lives, good healthcare, fast trains

I know I’ll win them around eventually
Even the ones who don’t care
The next time I stand I’ll win more votes
By being moderate, balanced and fair

But the next time I’ll start to wonder
About those who refused me a vote
What they really want from a politician
If they don’t want a jolly nice bloke

Maybe I’ll ask a few non-voters
I’ll invite them to a meeting or two
In a room with no windows and locks on the door
And a hard-hitting question or two

Then I’ll know what makes them tick
I’ll understand what they love
I can use my power to take that away
It’s just politics when push comes to shove

And if they still don’t see how
Good and honest my intentions are
I’ll have some of my more clandestine friends
Cut the brakes on their grotty little car

Then everyone left will vote for me
I’ll be universally adored
Occasionally I want to be a politician
Although you can call me Dark Lord

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