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Poetry – Rainbow poo

photography of rainbow during cloudy sky

It’s red and yellow and green and blue
I’ve done a massive rainbow poo

The smell isn’t that bad
The colours totally rad
My mum isn’t even mad

She asks me I have any clue
What caused my massive rainbow poo?

I ate strawberries coloured red
I ate some raspberries in bed
And had tomatoes on my bread

Of course those foods went right through
Caused red in my rainbow poo

Yellow bananas I guzzled last night
And the fresh custard was yellow and bright
Vanilla ice cream gets eaten up right

That’s why it must be true
Yellow in my rainbow poo

I love broccoli which is green
Lettuce has a similar sheen
I know what vegetables mean

So that’s what I need to do
To green up my rainbow poo

But blue is a strange colour to see
In the poo that plopped from me
Of course! It was the blueberries!

Blueberries I love to munch and chew
And cause the blue in my rainbow poo

It’s red and yellow and green and blue
Now time to flush away my rainbow poo

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