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Best podcasts for writers

As with my best books and best blogs pages, I’ve listed a few of the best podcasts for writers available now. It can be a hard job finding something worth listening too on the various podcast stores. There are so many that appear to be mainly ways for authors to promote their work. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – but I like to have some substance to listen to.

The podcasts below often have me running for the keyboard, inspired and eager to get writing on my latest project.

Do you have any others you’d like to suggest? There must be more out there and I’m keen to expand this page. Let me know using my contact page.

Dead Robots Society

best podcasts for writers Dead Robots Society LogoThere’s so much about the Dead Robots Society to love. Terry and Paul are excellent presenters, and the topics are as varied as they are interesting. If you’re looking for advice on becoming a on full time genre writer this should be a must listen. I urge you to stick with it – some of the intro discussions are enlightening as the hosts battle with the day-to-day rush of trying to get to that magic wordcount…

Writing excuses

15 minute bites of genius. The round table discussion format of the writing excuses podcast, combined with the knowledge of the participants, make this one of the best podcasts for writers out there. There’s a host of back episodes to listen to which are clearly marked by topic, so you will know exactly what you’re getting with each one. The only problem I have? The tagline. These are clever people.

The Honest Authors

The Honest Authors Podcast is a new podcast for me, but one I’m enjoying catching up on. Presented by Holly Seddon and Gillian Mcallister, the podcast is an open discussion about the perils and pitfalls (but also the jubilation) of being an author. The sound quality isn’t always great, but keep going – you’ll be rewarded with some real wisdom.

Grammar Girl (quick and dirty tips)

best podcasts for writers Grammar girlSo much information about the English language! If you’re stuck on a certain point of language, have a listen to this podcast, or search Mignon’s website for any specific problems that you have. For real language geeks, there’s a plethora of information about the history of words and how we speak how we speak.