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You found Write with Phil! Excellent! There’s a lot here though, and I know it can be difficult to know where to start. I even had an email saying that they felt a little overwhelmed when they first started! My solution is this page – a short introduction to let you know where to begin.

Blog posts

What are you after? How can I help? You can search by key phrase, or even chose a category and dive in to a post. Or why not try my most popular posts:

Remember everyone wants you to do well

Three tips for a successful writing collaboration


Why writers shouldn’t fear the day job

Author interviews

If you’re looking for inspiration, then I’d check out the interviews with writers I gathered in 2018. Thanks to any writers who helped me put it together.

See the interviews here

(Are you a writer who would like to answer some questions? Send me a message using this form.


I’ve also got recommendations for books, podcasts, blogs and tools. It’s a one stop shop for writers looking to increase their knowledge.

How can I find out more?

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Sounds great. Can I help?

Of course! I’m always looking for people to contribute to the site, and will happily write guest blogs for other sites when asked. You can use my contribution page so use that to get in touch or message me at 

I’d like to grow the site to such a size that I reach the maximum amount of people, so any shares and comments are really appreciated. I’d like to make a little income from the site, so I’ve added some affiliate links and advertising. This won’t ever get in the way of my advice though. If you ever feel these get in the way of the content, send me a message and tell me so.