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Click the images above to explore my writing further. All the sections have examples, current projects and links. If you’re looking for writing tips, or want to know more about my process, click here, or, if you’re on desktop, click the image in the side bar.

Blog posts about my writing


Poetry – Bats

Bats are awesomeThey hide away in dark cornersYou never see them unless they want you to Bats are awesomeThey can hang upside downIn quiet spaces waiting for their chance Bats…

Flash Fiction – New Year Sale

She squeezed a plastic Christmas tree, 70% off, into the trolley. A bargain for next year, she explains. I heave the tree out and restore it. She raises an eyebrow…

Poetry – Political Ambition

I feel like being a politicianThe argument’s well balanced and evenI could help people every dayNo matter if you’re Svetlana or Sonya or Steven It would not matter if they…

Poetry – New Dogs

This summer All my neighbours got new dogs When they bark at dawn Noise echos through open windows No matter to me I’m looking after my crying baby I can’t…