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Blog posts about my writing

My Creative Lockdown

My creative lockdown

Before you read this – I am not complaining. Many people suffered more than me in the last few months. I come from a privileged background and have a stable…
Essex authors and you and me header

Essex Authors and you (and me)

On the 9th March, I found myself in Chelmsford, speaking at Essex Authors and You. I’d volunteered to lead a session way back in January, after visiting last year and…
FEb 2019

February 2019

February is a hard month, where I find my feelings are too often dominated by the weather. When I open my curtains in the morning I honestly don’t know what…
2019 on Write with Phil

2019 on Write with Phil

It's time to set resolutions and plans for 2019. After a year of the blog in its current form, I'm changing things around next year.