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Free Short Stories

It's already online, so you can read it for free

Every now and then, some kind fool takes pity on me and agrees to include my short stories in their online publication. As they’re now free to the world, I can add them below and you, dear reader, can have a look for nothing.

Post Lockdown Love

Published on Pulp Modern Flash

What did you do when lockdown ended? Revisit an old flame? Or the scene of a crime? What if you could do both at once?

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A park at sunrise

Badger Hunt

Published on Bristol Noir

Time to earn some money hunting badgers. Haz is a little coked up, but he’ll be OK with the gun, won’t he?

Read it here

Too Close to Hell

Published on Literally Stories

Billy watches the road. When a car breaks down next to him, he has to decide whether to risk his own safety to save someone from the fate he escaped. 

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Broken fence backdrop

Conspiracy, In Three Parts

Published on Close to The Bone

A conversation about blowing up a bridge.

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There Are No Mountains in Suffolk

Published on The Cabinet of Heed.

Niamh is dead, and her will requests her ashes be scattered from the tallest mountain in Suffolk. Only, there aren’t any mountains in Suffolk.

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Published on Bristol Noir.

A very sweary, violent noir story about someone trying to steal some very expensive snakes.

Read it here

Fatal Detail

Published on Punk Noir. 

Someone has tried to kill him, but the rope wasn’t tight enough. But that’s not the only detail the thief has missed.

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