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Tales From The Whale

Tales From The Whale

What is it?

One of my current works in progress.

Currently in first draft.


A vast creature moving through space, The Whale takes lifeforms from several planets and keeps them within its body. While most of the species are non-sentient, there are historically three that are intelligent and able to communicate with each other.

Once inside, there is no way out other than to tunnel through The Whale’s external walls – those who have done this are soon sucked into the vacuum outside.

Why it does this is unclear. Does The Whale need the lifeforms to manage its internal organs? Does it feed off them in some way? Or is it simply an accident, a side-effect of its various planet hopping resource trips?

There are four intelligent species in The Whale.

The Humans are the workhorses and entrepreneurs, mining bone from The Whale and using it as a way to trade and barter with the other species. They have formed a small town called Geppetto in one of the largest chambers, which is home to humans plucked from all over Earth over the last hundred years. Made from ivory, it looks like a wild west frontier town.

The Reedor are reclusive and highly intelligent. They are never seen outside of their chambers, with the entrances heavily guarded by automatons. These machines are fashioned from ivory bartered from humans and powered by highly pressurised steam systems.

The 3Marax are an aggressive species, who are always on the look out to control all of The Whale’s internal chambers. They always travel in trios as family groups. They are smaller than humans, but faster, making them a dangerous foe to cross. They do not live in permanent structures, although they stay within their territory for the most part, which they call The Nest.

Demons are new to The Whale. A solitary, nomadic lifeform, it can possess all species and creatures, bending personalities to its will. A dangerous new addition, it will test the carefully balanced truce in The Whale to breaking point.