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The Unjudged

The Unjudged: The Battle for Cromer cover

The Unjudged

A world where your soul can be imprisoned.

The world

Maximus Tumi has invented an implant that will tag your soul and trap you on Earth if you break the law. Installation of the implants across the entire UK is almost complete as Tumi forces – reckoners – spread over the country. One place is out of the control of the new government – Cromer, a small town in Norfolk.

In the countryside surrounding Cromer a small force of rebels, The Unjudged, are planning to take and hold the town against the reckoners. Poorly disciplined and made up of people escaping the justice of the Tumi government, they have the support of anti-Tumi forces from across the world.

The plot

Somewhere out in the North Sea the decapitated head of Maximus Tumi’s son Marcus floats on the waves. Kept on the planet after one of his father’s experiments, he plots his revenge against the man who killed him – his father.

After living in London, the first major city controlled by the reckoners, Paige returns home to Cromer to escape punishment in London and join up with her family. However, a violent encounter with an Unjudged Lieutenant, Lana, makes her question any potential allegiance. As she looks for her brother Sam, and mother Jennifer, she finds that they are both involved with the Unjudged, and that getting to safety is the last thing on her mother’s mind.