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Plastic Flowers

Cover for Plastic flowers, a play by Phil Hurst

A play for three actors

Jasper is dead, and Ellen is the rightful heir to his seat in Westminster. At Jasper’s funeral, Jasper’s long time nemesis Logan mocks her – without Jasper’s name and reputation, she doesn’t stand a chance in the upcoming election.

Her adviser Maisy, has a plan though. Woo the public with voucher deals. As the election looms, Ellen has to decide whether she wants a fair fight she may lose, or use the dirty tricks suggested by her aide to bend the rules in her favour.

And if she does get elected, what kind of leader will that make her?

In this hilarious and fast paced play, relationships play out, alliances are drawn and ripped up, and one is left pondering – what will become of our political system.

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