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Plays (3 play collection)

Plays by Phil Hurst cover image

3 plays in one!

Three plays by Phil Hurst, in one volume. This book includes full versions of More for the Sharks, Plastic Flowers and Head of State.

More for the Sharks

Gun for hire Chat Suranda fought off eight pirates protecting tourists in the Seychelles, but it took a toll. On a train platform, Emma tracks him down after he escapes from a nearby trauma centre.

The more she talks to the enigmatic Chat, the less she believes his story. How could one mercenary fight off well armed and viscous pirates? What happened to the woman on his boat, Peggy, or his partner, Kevin? As this fast paced, violent and exciting play progresses, Emma will realise that no one in Chat’s story is what they seem.

Then again, she’s well versed in lying. Violent, profane and pulling no punches, More for the Sharks is a modern play for a small cast.


Plastic Flowers

Jasper is dead, and Ellen is the rightful heir to his seat in Westminster. At Jasper’s funeral, Jasper’s long time nemesis Logan mocks her – without Jasper’s name and reputation, she doesn’t stand a chance in the upcoming election.

Her adviser Maisy has a plan. Why not woo the public with voucher deals? As the election looms, Ellen has to decide whether she wants a fair fight she may lose, or use the dirty tricks suggested by her aide to bend the rules in her favour. 

And if she does get elected, what kind of leader will that make her?

In this hilarious and fast paced play, relationships play out, alliances are drawn and ripped up, and the audience is left pondering – what will become of our political system, and who is really in charge?


Head of State

Arthur is dying. As absolute ruler, his death risks plunging the country into chaos. Summoned as a last resort, a doctor will try and save him by using the one resource he hasn’t exploited yet – the very minds and bodies of his two sons. As the last loyal general tries to keep the revolution outside at bay, Arthur, Barrico and Christoff will battle each other and the doctor for not only their lives, but the country’s future. But what is that in Barrico’s case? What is the ultimate weapon that will bring peace to the country, and why is everyone so scared of it? A fast paced comedy where family means everything and nothing, and loyalty to your country is only skin deep, Head of State is perfect for small stages and imaginative directors.

If you’re interested in performing any of these plays please contact me here.